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Sweetest Dark, The
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Meet Jane Lynson
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About Jane
I'm very lucky to be a writer. I love my job and I'd do it for free, though I'm always happy to cash royalty checks. I write because I love it, because I can't imagine life without writing. hen Michael and I were first married - I wrote on my lunch hour, my coffee breaks and in the bathroom. I fell asleep at night dreaming plots and scenes and listening to my characters talk themselves to sleep. When I wasn't dreaming whole books, I dreamed of quitting my job - I was editorial assistant on Flower and Garden Magazine - and having all day to write, write, write. Part of my dream came true when our sons Christopher and Paul - guess where I came up with my pseudonym Paula Christopher? - were born. I got to stay home, but forget writing all day. So I wrote at night. I tucked the boys in bed at eight-thirty, kissed Michael nighty-night about ten, turned on my electronic typewriter and wrote until 3 or 4 in the morning.

The first book I had guts enough to send to New York sold. LIKE A LOVER was published by Avon in October of 1984 as part of their Velvet Glove line of category romantic suspense novels. I sent it in only because Michael threatened to make wallpaper out of my manuscripts if I didn't do something with them.

I happened to be in the right place at the right time with the right book on that first sale, but that doesn't mean I've never been rejected. I have a drawer full of thanks-but-no-thanks letters. Most writers do and most writers will tell you - if they're being honest - that they've suffered through a slump. I did, a 4-year dry spell between THE DREAMING POOL and my first sale to Temptation, when I couldn't sell my grocery lists. How did I survive it? I kept writing the best stories I possibly could, and I made up my mind the only way New York was going to get rid of me was with an AK-47.

I started writing in sixth grade when my class formed a Writers Club. The kids who could write wrote stories and the kids who could draw drew pictures to illustrate them. By and by, everybody lost interest but me. I kept on writing.

All through junior high and high school I'd race home after school, lock myself in my bedroom and write novels - long hand, in pencil, on notebook paper -- because that's what I loved to read. All of my stories had a girl and a boy and a horse in them someplace. A few of my stories still do, like THE DREAMING POOL SECOND SIGHT, REMEMBRANCE.

from author's web site.

Pseudonym/s: Paula Christopher, Lynn Michaels
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Rakehell series
Book List
  Duke's Downfall, The - (04/92)
Captain Rakehell - (01/90)

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