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Mad Jack
by: Catherine Coulter

Berkley, January 1999

Dear Reader:

Mad Jack is brand-new and lots of fun. You're going to meet two of the neatest people in 1811 London. In addition, you'll revisit the Sherbrookes--Douglas and Ryder, and see what's going on with them eight years after you first met them. As for Sinjun, she and Colin Kinross have been married for four years and Colin is in a real tizzy.

Mad Jack is in reality Winifrede Levering Bascombe, who, happily, has her name changed very quickly in the story. She arrives in London with the aunts, Mathilda and Maude, to beg the assistance of Lord Cliffe, Grayson St. Cyre. He welcomes the aunts, briefly spots the valet, Jack, and proceeds very quickly after their arrival to fall down the rabbit hole. He catches the valet, Jack, stealing his horse, Durban, chases Jack down, and then all sorts of interesting things happen. Enter Sinjun with her frantic husband, Colin, on her trail.

Amidst all the laughter, however, there lurks a deadly secret that's ready to leap out and crush both Jack and Gray. You'll hold your breath when a tough-brained Jack and a furious Gray get together and discover the truth of the accusation that could do them in before they can even get started with their lives.

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Mad Jack

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Publish Date:
January 1999
Time Period:
Regency: Comedy- Caper- Farce
Year Book Takes Place:

Grayson St. Cyre
Lord Cliffe
Winifrede Levering Bascombe
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