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Ice King, The
by: Dinah Dean

Harlequin Masquerade, July 1980

Book 4 - Russian series
He Was Acting like a Jealous Man . . .
But the moment the thought entered her head, Tanya dismissed it as utterly impossible. A person had to have feelings in order to be jealous, and Prince Nikolai hadn't earned the name Ice King for nothing.

He seemed devoid of all emotion — particularly love. What had happened to him, wondered Tanya, to turn his heart so cold that no woman had been able to thaw it?

The answer to the question was shocking, and it turned Tanya's feelings into a confused mixture of pity . . . and love.
Prince Nikolai Volkhov and Countess Tanya Kirova
Harlequin Masquerade - # 45

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Series: Russian series
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Ice King, The

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Harlequin Masquerade
Publish Date:
July 1980
Time Period:
Historical: Russia - Imperial Russia 1689-1917
Year Book Takes Place:
St. Petersburg, Russia
Nikolai Volkhov
Tanya Kirova
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