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Raven's Ransom
by: Hayley Ann Soloman

Zebra Regency Romance, June 2002

When sensible Miss Primrose Chartley discovered that her eccentric -- and quite wealthy -- grandfather had publicly announced the future disposition of his fortune, it explained why she and her penniless sisters had been abducted, proposed to, and showered with morning callers -- all of the male persuasion.

The reason was Raven's ransom: an indecent amount of money to be settled on one of the girls -- but only after all three of them were wed!

Yet the sly old scamp had created a more vexing predicament than he intended, for now Daisy had fallen for a gambler with a dubious title, and young Lily for a highwayman!

It would all come right in the end, Primrose was sure -- if only she could be certain her surprising tendre for Lord Gareth Rochester would win her the only prize she longed for . . . his love.

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Raven's Ransom

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Zebra Regency Romance
Publish Date:
June 2002
Time Period:
Regency: Comedy- Caper- Farce
Gareth Rochester
Primrose Chartley
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