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Noble Destiny
by: Katie MacAlister

Leisure Books, May 2003

Noble Destiny is the story of Lady Charlotte Collins and the man she's had her eye on for five years, Alasdair, Lord Carlisle. Dare comes equipped with a valet/butler/draughtsman/general dogsbody named Batsfoam, while Char...well, Char is armed with a copy of Vyvyan La Blue's Guide to Connubial Calisthenics.

Dear Worthy Reader:

I take quill in hand to warn you of the inaccurate picture hinted at in this very tome of my modest self. A poor widow I returned to England eager to take my place in the ton only to find myself shunned by all. My one choice was to marry again, and who can chastise me for picking a groom who combined those attributes--wealth, a title, and good looks--that would ensure my utter happiness.

I know you will, understand my frustration when Alasdair McGregor, the manly personification of those attributes cruelly refused to be the answer to my problems. In fact, I was forced by Dare’s obstinacy to take extreme, action—the faulty codpiece that led to our marriage, the wedding that was literally a circus, and, of course, the time I shot Dare to cheer him up.

Not even an annoyance such as the loss of Dare’s fortune could stand between me and what I wanted most: the love of my husband. I am confident that you will disregard comments from those jealous ladies who refer to my having trapped Dare into an unwanted union, and instead look beneath the obvious to read the true store of our love.

Most humbly yours, Lady Charlotte Collins

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Noble Destiny

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Leisure Books
Publish Date:
May 2003
Time Period:
Regency: Comedy- Caper- Farce
Year Book Takes Place:
Alasdair McGregor
Charlotte Collins
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