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Set Free My Heart (UK)
by: Sarah Westleigh

Mills & Boon, October 1991

Book 2 - d'Evreux Family series series
The Lady Margot Could Never Reveal Her Secret
Though she had been quietly relieved to hear of the death of her husband while defending the throne of Castile, Margot soon discovered that she was still not a free woman. For the Duke of Lancaster had ordered that she accompany Sir Thomas D'evreux home to England.

Throughout their long journey, Margot found it increasingly difficult to deny the deep passion she felt for the handsome knight. Yet she could not agree to marry him, nor could she tell him the reasons why, for to do so would mean the end of the precious love that had blossomed between them.

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Series: d'Evreux Family series
Inherited Bride (UK) - Book 1
Set Free My Heart - Book 2
Set Free My Heart (UK) - Book 2
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Loyal Hearts (UK) - Book 3
War of the Roses, The (UK-Anthology) - Book 3

Set Free My Heart (UK)

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Mills & Boon
Publish Date:
October 1991
Time Period:
Historical: England - (1154-1399) Plantagenets (founded- Henry II)
Year Book Takes Place:
Thomas D'evreux,
Lady Margot
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