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Forever in Time
by: Janice Bennett

Zebra Regency Romance, September 1990


Erika van Hamel had been living on a tiny British island for two years when the stranger Gilbert Randall washed up on her shore after a boating accident. Erika had little patience for his game of pretending that the year was 1812 and he was somehow lost in time. But she found him examining in detail her models of the Napoleonic battles, and she wanted to believe that he really was from Regency England -- a romantic hero that she thought only existed in romance books....

Gilbert Randall was quite sure the outcome of the war depended on information he was carrying -- but he was no longer there to deliver it. He must get back to his own time to insure that history would not be irrevocably altered. And that meant he must take Erika with him, although he shuddered to think of the havoc she would cause in Regency England -- and in his own heart!

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Forever in Time

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Zebra Regency Romance
Publish Date:
September 1990
Time Period:
Time Travel: Past to Modern Day
Gilbert Randall
Viscount Bedford
Erika Van Hamel
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