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Reasons For Marriage, The (reissue)
by: Stephanie Laurens

MIRA Books, January 2004

The Dashing Duke . . .
Lenore Lester was perfectly content with her quiet country life, caring for her father, and having no desire for marriage. She took steps to remain inconspicuous and tried her best to show indifference -- but no avail! The irresistible Duke of Eversleigh had found her out and was quite persistent in his affections . . .

The Shy Miss!
Notoriously charming Jason, Duke of Eversleigh, could easily see behind Miss Lenore's brilliant disguise. Though the awkward lady hid behind glasses and pulled-back hair, she couldn't cover her beauty. And Jason was ever determined to loosen the hold she had on her heart.

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Series: Lester Family
Reasons For Marriage, The (reissue) - Book 1
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Reasons For Marriage, The (reissue)

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MIRA Books
Publish Date:
January 2004
Time Period:
Regency: Comedy- Caper- Farce
Duke of Eversleigh
Lenore Lester
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