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Elusive Ecstacy (reissue)
by: Cassie Edwards

Zebra Historical Romance, May 2000

Kendra Carpenter was as wild and free as the wide open Nevada territory she had made her home. In spite of the proposals of Reno's young men, she spent her nights dreaming of one man -- a man she had seen for only an instant. From under the wide brim of his hat he had met her gaze with steely gray eyes, appraising her, making the heat rise in her cheeks. Then he had ridden away. But when at last they met again, she knew he had not forgotten her. She had dreamed of him, she had ached for him, and now she was powerless to resist the exquisite rapture of his embrace . . .

Sun-bronzed, strikingly handsome Lucas Hall had little time for women --certainly not the golden-haired sister of his enemy Aaron Carpenter. But just when he thought he had forgotten her, he saw her again and her sapphire eyes sparked a passion in his heart that would not be denied. With only the sagebrush and the snow-capped Sierra mountains as witness, Lucas coiled his fingers through her hair and hungrily tasted the sweet jasmine of her lips. Together they would surrender to love's ELUSIVE ECSTASY . . .

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Elusive Ecstacy (reissue)

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Zebra Historical Romance
Publish Date:
May 2000
Time Period:
Historical: American - (1800-1890) West
Sierra Nevada Mountains
Lucas Hall
Kendra Carpenter
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