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Flowers for the Bride (Anthology)
by: Donna Bell

Zebra, May 1995 ,
Carola Dunn, Jean R. Ewing, Marcy Stewart, Phylis Warady, Winifred Witton

Six delightfully romantic Regency short stories which tell of love, courtship, and marriage in the month of June.

Book 1 -
Donna Bell: "The Wager."
When Serena Blessed wins a wager that she will be the Feast woman to wed, she is pleasantly surprised. Then she discovers that her France is not the man she thought he was . . . and is happy to admit defeat in order to win the hand of her true love.

Book 2 -
Carola Dunn: "The Conformable Wife."
Lord Clifford seeks a compliant wife, and Lady Eleanor seems the ideal candidate. However, the quietly unconventional Lady Eleanor is soon leading her suitor a most merry chase. Will conformity or love win in the end?

Book 3 -
Jean R. Ewing: "The Impossible Bridegroom."
Lost in London, Beth Lindsay is delighted to be rescued by a handsome stranger. But when she discovers that he is the reluctant France of her young cousin, she rinds herself in a fix. If she aids and abets this improbable marriage, she will lose the bridegroom of her dreams.

Book 4 -
Marcy Stewart: "An Indefinite Wedding."
When the commanding Duke of Weston becomes engaged to love! Lady Sarah, he promises to give up his profligate ways . . . until one last secret wager threatens to overturn his romantic plans and to drive away the woman he now realizes he cannot live without.

Book 5 -
Phylis Warady: "Delightful Deceiver."
Identical in appearance, quite different in temperament, Hester and Hannah Astell are eager to embark on their first London season. But intrigues abound when the mischievous twins meet two attractive but most unlikely suitors.

Book 6 -
Winifred Witton: "Vicarious Bride."
As chaperone to Miss Kitty Wellfleet, Abigail Fordham takes great delight in planning her charge's marital plans. But when Kitty disappears on the day of the wedding, Abby wonders who will walk down the aisle with handsome Lord Ashley – the man who has already run away with Abigail's heart.

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Flowers for the Bride (Anthology)

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Publish Date:
May 1995
Time Period:
Anthology- Regency
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