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Valentine's Day Tangle, A (Anthology)
by: Dawn Aldridge Poore

Zebra, February 1993 ,
Cindy Holbrook, Emily Maxwell, Nina Porter, Alicia Rasley, Cynthia Richey

A collection of Valentine's Day romance stories features the tale of a renewed marriage proposal, the arrival of several unsigned Valentine's cards, and a ghost writer of Valentine's verses who falls in love with a customer . . .

Book 1 - Cindy Holbrook: “With Cupid's Intervention.”
Time Period: Regency
Tisba Manton has always been more interested in botany than romantic folderol. But Valentine's Day takes on a special glow when she finally meets her match in the dashing Earl of Sayer.

Book 2 - Emily Maxwell: “The Second Proposal.”
Time Period: Regency
Once before Sir Richard bad proposed to Melinda Cuthbert and been refused. He bad sworn to cast the chit aside forever, but a very special Valentine's Day will bring them together again!

Book 3 - Dawn Aldridge Poore: “Game of Hearts.”
Time Period: Regency
Winnifred Roberts is too determined to become a mathematician to be bothered with the likes of a madcap gamester known as Harry the Hellion. But Valentine's Day can have a bewitching effect on even the most practical of people!

Book 4 - Nina Porter: “A Valentine Tangle.”
Time Period: Regency
Ariadne, dowager countess of Ferndyn, never expected her peaceful existence to be overset by the arrival of several unsigned valentines. Will her secret admirer reveal himself at the Valentine Ball?

Book 5 - Alicia Rasley: “The Wilder Heart.”
Time Period: Regency
Writing Valentine verses for sailors' sweethearts bad always been a pleasure for Madeleine Gray . . . until she found herself falling in love with one of be; customers. But bow will she convince the dashing captain that she is his one true love?

Book 6 - Cynthia Richey: “A Most Fortunate Lady.”
Time Period: Regency
Saved from a raging storm by the man of her dreams, Diana Montgomery resists his advances for she fears her uncle will never allow her to marry the handsome viscount. But few people are able to resist romance on Valentine's Day.
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Valentine's Day Tangle, A (Anthology)

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Publish Date:
February 1993
Time Period:
Anthology- Historical: Seasonal- Christmas etc.
Year Book Takes Place:
Regency era
Valentine's Day
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