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War of the Roses, The (UK-Anthology)
by: Sarah Westleigh

Mills & Boon, September 1977 ,
Sarah Westleigh (Bk 3 d'Evreux Family series),
Joanna Makepeace

Medieval Lords and Ladies Collection 3
"Loyal Hearts" by Sarah Westleigh
Book 3 - d'Evreux Family series
Years before, Sir Giles D'Evreux had been betrothed to a skinny girl named Pippa. With his country in turmoil, Sir Giles returned to find that this young maid had grown into a stunning beauty! He could do naught but demand her hand in marriage. Though hardened by time, Lady Philippa d'Alban could still feel Sir Giles's whisper of promise in her heart. Upon his return, Pippa sought refuge in a convent, but realized soon enough that she was unfit to be a nun, especially when she could find no refuge from Sir Giles's mesmerizing stare, or his promise of love.

"The Traitor's Daughter" by Joanna Makepeace
As a supporter of the late king, Richard III, Lady Philippa's father is a wanted man, a traitor to the crown. While visiting her dying grandfather in Wales, she fears for her life when she is recognized -- by Sir Rhys Griffith, a knight and supporter of the present king. Lady Philippa knows that at any moment Sir Rhys could have her father arrested and thrown in the Tower for treason. Yet he seems a man of honor, a man who has appointed himself her protector. Could it be he seeks her father for quite a different reason -- to ask for her hand in marriage?

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Series: d'Evreux Family series
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Set Free My Heart - Book 2
Set Free My Heart (UK) - Book 2
Loyal Hearts - Book 3
Loyal Hearts (UK) - Book 3
War of the Roses, The (UK-Anthology) - Book 3

War of the Roses, The (UK-Anthology)

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Mills & Boon
Publish Date:
September 1977
Time Period:
Anthology- Historical
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